Complaints & Problems

ForTrade Complaints

One of the biggest problems investors and traders encounter with offshore Forex / CFD Trading Brokers is withdrawal of their funds. When you are dealing with a broker that is licensed and regulated by the FCA like ForTrade, you should not have any problems.

The way ForTrade has maintained their pristine reputation in by quickly processing investors withdrawal requests.

When you submit a request for withdrawal, your money is sent back to the place where you deposited from.

Therefore, if you funded your trading account with a credit card and deposited $1,000, then the first $1,000 you withdraw, goes back to that credit card. If your $1,000 grew to $2,000, then the second $1,000 will be sent via wire transfer your bank account. European banking laws require that you to verify your identity and trading account, before you can start trading. This has made withdrawal problems almost non existent.

When traders read various broker review websites, they may come across a few complaints from irate investors. 99% of complaints are unfounded when dealing with a licensed broker that follows the rules of a regulated investment firm.

When a trader has a complaint against Fortrade, the first thing you must do,  is email This way, your complaint goes directly to their compliance officer to investigate. If for some reason, your problem is not resolved, then the client can go directly to the Financial Ombudsman.